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New Year's Eve Niagara Falls - Captain Jack's Fun Center
New Year's Eve Niagara Falls - Captain Jack's Fun Center

Captain Jack's Fun Center

If you looking for a good time, and lots of fun this is the place to be. This is Niagara’s LARGEST Arcade boosting 40,000 square feet with over 200 of the latest interactive video and arcade games. Doing activities in Niagara Falls is hit and miss for the value on the dollars you spend. Some things last only minutes and cost far too much but when you visit Captain Jack's Fun Center on Clifton Hill it is not so! The food, games and prizes are great! A big plus is the Free wifi for adults to use while kids play games all in the newly renovated clean venue. No matter if you’re going there with your entire family, friends, or just as a couple to spend an excellent day you will be very pleasantly surprised by the amount of FUN you all will have!

4955 Clifton Hill | Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada | L2G 3N5